Sketch Gaudi With Me

Build a sketchbook spread step-by-step

Episode 1 – Mosaic Wall

This free mini-series hosted on Youtube is great for beginners to ink & watercolour sketching. We shall end up with a collage of sketches of the architecture of Gaudi!! Build a sketchbook spread with me step by step.

⭐️ EPISODE 1 is a very gentle introduction to the work of the incredibly famous architect, Gaudi. We shall do something simple and easy, a section of a mosaic wall.

✅ You’ll learn that sketching the world around you doesn’t have to be intimidating and small simple sketches are just as valid as intricate scenes.

Here is the reference photo for you to work from. Bookmark this page so you can continue building your sketchbook spread with me weekly! Or better yet, join my newsletter and never miss an episode!

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Episode 2 – Casa Battló (aka. The Dragon House)

⭐️ Watch EPISODE 2 – we continue to build our spontaneous sketchbook spread and get a little more complex by sketching Casa Battlo, otherwise known as The Dragon House.

We are still keeping it simple as, rather than sketch the entire building, I have chosen just a portion of it. By focussing on just the roof and tower we tell the story of the dragon house without having to sketch everything.

I hope you enjoy following along and the reference photo is below.

Episode 3 – Parque Güell

⭐️ Watch EPISODE 3 here!

We are stepping it up with our sketchbook spread by focusing on one of the buildings inside Parque Güell. I am not too sure of the name of it but it’s a pretty cool gingerbread-looking house with a checkerboard tower! So much fun to draw!

Here is the reference photo so you can follow along:

Episode 4 – Sagrada Familia

⭐️ Watch EPISODE 4 here!

The moment we have all been waiting for! In this episode I added the Sagrada Familia to my sketchbook spread, slap bang in the middle. As Gaudi’s most famous (and still unfinished) project, I thought it was only right it took centre stage. In this video, I show you how you can sketch a complicated building like this quickly and loosely while still retaining recognisability.

Episode 5 – Gaudi House Museum

⭐️ Watch EPISODE 5 here!

In this penultimate video in the series, we add another sketch to the top left corner of the spread. I talk about how to break down a seemingly complicated scene into easy shapes plus how you can sketch something like this quickly & easily to create an impression of what you see.

Episode 6 – Architectural Details – Casa Battló

⭐️ Watch EPISODE 6 here!

This is the final instalment of “Build a Sketchbook Spread: Sketch Gaudi With Me” mini-series. We shall add the last sketch in the top right corner. I decided to zoom in on the window of Casa Battlo – it’s such an iconic architectural detail that many people will recognise. I think it gives an interesting counterpoint to many of the other sketches on the page which are of entire buildings or scenes.

I also show how I included some lettering into the gaps available on the page.

I hope you have enjoyed this series and learnt a lot!

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